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and I know just what you want….

There are some who believe that when we die…

…it is our fondest memory that comes for us. If in fact this is true, I can only hope that death leads me to you. If my life was to end tonight, your face would be all that I desire to see. See…my fondest memory is of you and I, of our love. Our time spent together, our emotions shared, our bodies intertwined, our hearts unified. If I die, let it be you who carries me away. 

Have you ever fallen in love with someones spirit…

…I mean completely fallen head over heels with someones inner thoughts. Physical attraction becomes an after thought as a result of your mental connection. Sex is inspired not by ass or tits but by the excitement of being around that persons intuition. When conversation both creates intimate moments and arouses all at once, there are no words for the sensation. Have you ever fallen in love with someones spirit? Their subconscious being? What a feeling…what a rush. 

Asked by Anonymous

I feel like I’m being trolled lol